Extreme Flooding Events in Quang Nam, Vietnam

Vietnam, particularly the region of Quang Nam, are located in an area extremely vulnerable to flooding events, which devastate the mostly agricultural region, and climate change has directly resulted in these flooding events getting worst in the past twenty years. Instead of addressing changes that could actually address the issue, however, the government has focused most of its effort on reforestation and forest management, despite lack of evidence that these actions are at all likely to help mitigate disastrous flooding events.

Istanbul Canal

In order to alleviate the traffic pressure of the Bosphorus Canal, reduce the potential risks of ships loaded with dangerous materials, and promote the country’s economic development, Istanbul Canal will be built connecting Marama Sea and the Black Sea. However this project will cause insecurity for Russia, upset environmental stability, pollute freshwater resources and deplete land for people's living.

Black Lives Matter in Engineering, Too! An Environmental Justice Approach Towards Equitable Decision-Making for Stormwater Management in African American Communities

This dissertation details the stormwater management practices and history in East Tampa, and uses them as a framework to address stormwater management on a larger level. It goes into detail about East Tampa, although it also mentions a number of other places, and does so by approaching the subject of stormwater management through a lens influenced by both environmental justice and critical race theory.

Environmental Justice and the Politics of Risk: Water Resource Controversies in Taiwan

The Taiwanese government attempted to construct a water diversion in the early 2000s in order to help mitigate potential effects of future droughts. While both environmental scientists and local indigenous groups argued against the building of it due to the potential for it to destabilize the area it was being built geologically, the project continued until Typhoon Morakot in 2009 suspended its construction indefinitely.

Urban IFL Projects

Urban Integrated Field Laboratories are to be constructed in three U.S. cities through funding by the Department of Energy. These Urban IFL projects will aim to better understand the climate challenges affecting the designated areas and how to address climate adaptations while taking into account groups that have historically been underrepresented.

Air Pollution and Environmental Justice in Washington, DC

Researchers found that although PM2.5-related health problems have decreased in Washington, D.C., over the past 20 years, these problems are uneven and inequitable across neighborhoods and subgroups. Of the 51 neighborhoods studied, the 10 with the highest PM2.5-related health risks had 10% lower education and employment rates, 10% more people living in poverty, and $61,000 lower median household income compared with their less at-risk counterparts. The 10 neighborhoods with the highest PM2.5-attributed mortality had 54% more Black residents.

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