NEOM’s Shadow: The Dispossession of the Huwaitat People

In order to alleviate the traffic pressure of the Bosphorus Canal, reduce the potential risks of ships loaded with dangerous materials, and promote the country’s economic development, Istanbul Canal will be built connecting Marama Sea and the Black Sea. However this project will cause insecurity for Russia, upset environmental stability, pollute freshwater resources and deplete land for people's living.

Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL)

For more economic gas transportation and storage, a pipeline was to be built from North Dakota to Pakota, Illinois. However, this pipeline induced great concern and many people were protesting about it. If it leaks, it will have a huge environmental impact on soil and water sources. Also, the pipeline crosses the local tribe's sacred land, which is not accepted by the tribal people. The pipeline is a vivid example of how the building of infrastructure struggles with social/environmental factors.

Pollution Erasing Mossville

Sasol announced a project of building gas-to-liquid facility and ethane cracker in Lake Charles Louisiana after long-term negotiation with the Louisiana government officials. However, its pollution level seems not to be as satisfying as it claims. What's more, the relocation of local residents in Mossville is insufficient and racially discriminative.

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